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Women in Fund Finance Event

WFF US: Crypto 101 - Demystifying Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

May 13, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Join us on Friday, May 13th 2022 for Crypto 101: Demystifying Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, taught by Bob Griffin of WhiteTower Capital Management.

Bitcoin is now 13 years old with a total market cap of nearly $2 trillion, yet most people do not understand what crypto & blockchain is, or why it matters. Join WFF for the first of the Crypto 101 series, and let’s demystify cryptocurrency and blockchain together.  


  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • What is blockchain and how does it work?
  • Types of crypto
  • Crypto exchanges and how to trade / invest
  • Future of crypto & blockchain


Griffin, Bob (WhiteTower Capital Management, LLC)
Bob Griffin

WhiteTower Capital Management

Durante, Fazillah (Scotiabank)
Fazillah Durante