In today’s ever changing economic, political, and global business environment, diversity and inclusion is an important consideration for all companies. The Vision of the Diversity in Fund Finance is that engagement and relationships need to be built with students early on in their career to build more opportunities for incoming talent to address the current lack of diversity within the Fund Finance “FF” industry.

Connecting with students earlier in their career is necessary for not only recruitment, but also for a commitment to retention. Our mission is to broaden the reach of the FFA’s relationship in educating students about the FF Industry and providing a path to opportunities for recruitment in FF through:

Education – Creating a forum in which students may learn about FF and our industry, and network with industry professionals to broaden their knowledge as a whole.

Opportunity – Employers have blamed lack of sufficient candidates on falling short on their diversity and inclusion goals. Research shows unconscious bias persists, and creating awareness of its impact is key to overcoming this. We want to expand the FFA’s relationship with more schools to connect students to new opportunities that they otherwise may not have been given.

Action – We understand that effecting change requires time, shared efforts, and new thinking to drive progress. This initiative will bring together FF professionals who want to take action to contribute to small changes in the FF Industry.


For more information, please contact Natasha Puri at or +1 212 895 9538